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Ceph and Cass

Kasai low profile focuser

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I need to buy a new focuser at some point for my Orion Optics UK 250mm f4.8 reflector. The old one almost fell off the telescope! I think I have managed to fix it temporarily but need a better one for sure. The Kasai focuser is not cheap but looks very nice, does anyone have one? This is from the Widescreen center in London, but there is quite a long wait time for delivery.

There is also the Revelation Superfocus rack and pinion focuser from Telscope House which looks good also. Any opinions on either of these would be welcome, as there are not so many reviews. I quite fancy a high quality rack and pinion focuser, but the Kasai looks good too. On the other hand, if my repairs fail to my current focuser I want a quick replacement!


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