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Site that compares dim fuzzies and planets among a variety of telescope types?

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Both would be nice but obviously imaging would imply stacked images and I don't think an opinion on observational capability should be based on that.

Yes, that's what I wanted to clarify, that you were looking for a impression of the view through the scopes when using an eyepiece. Sketches are the closest you will get to the eyepiece view.

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What you see will be determined by all sorts of factors which are rather variable and many are external to the scope being used. Local seeing conditions, light pollution, transparency and, to some extent, observer experience, will directly affect what you can and cant see and will change, nightly and sometimes hourly.

Take an object like the galaxy M51. If the above factors all come together in a very positive way, a 10" aperture scope can show it's spiral structure to a seasoned observer. With even just some of the above factors in play, you may not be able to see any more than the faintest trace of the object with the same scope.

For the above reasons, even sketches should be taken as being an indication of what could potentially be seen rather than any definite prediction of what will actually be seen.

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