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Atik 314L locking up


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First night out with new Atik 314L tonight, experimenting with a few things - Artemis capture, APT, AstroTortilla...

At first all seemed to be going well - Artemis capture showed me images in loop mode, and I could play around with the settings just fine.

But then I started experimenting with AstroTortilla connecting to the Atik via ASCOM driver. Not sure exactly what I did - possibly related to selecting the preview mode opton, or possibly just that the Atik window seems to often come up behind rather than in front, but AstroTortilla locked up and I had to force-kill it.

At this point I switched back to Artmis capture, but it would not start. Checking in task manager the program was running, but no window had opened.

So I rebooted. And Artemis capture STILL would not start.

I was at the point of giving up, when it occurred to be to try turning the camer itself off and on, and that seemed to clear whatever the problem was and Artemis capture started working again. But it does seem as though the Atik ASCOM driver is a little temperemental (watch out for it opening dialog windows that are hidden behind the top windows), and that selecting the wrong options, or killing it mid setup, may cause the camer itself to require restarting.

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