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Remind me, why do we do this again?

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not sure if the carbon helps... no idea... not something i`ve thought about to be honest

My tube is carbon fibre ( the guide scope is ally ) it does not seem as cold when you touch it.

Also the carbon fibre tubes don't expand and contract so much , so in rapidly changing temps , it should keep better focus. I'm probably talking a load of b*ll***s :(


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I place everything in the same place every time... here, it was all different, and I lost my "flow".

I know exactly what you're saying mate. PITA if it doesn't happen that way.


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Ahaa! You've been doing your processing homework Steve. That reprocess is superb, you've got more of the dim detail whilst at the same time pulling back the bright stuff. I reckon you've picked up some new routines. So what did you do that was different?

The carbon reduces the temperature variation in tube size so less need to keep refocussing. Doubt it has much effect on dew.

John the motors slow down because of the fall off in voltage from the power pack at sub zero temps

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Binning in ImagesPlus gains a lot of SNR for poor images,plus being a bit gentler with the levels and curves.... thats all I did different this time, wasnt really much more data to extract with only 3 subs

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