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Hi everyone,

I have been having a clear out and i have found a pretty much brand new Microsoft HD USB webcam, i know that you can modify the housing for use with telescopes etc, i was just wondering how people have done it and how it all works!

I have a Skywatcher 150pl 1200mm FL f/8 scope and wondered what i need to maybe film saturn/jupiter etc

any help appreciated


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Thanks for the info radar, i looked at the site and think its only the lifecam thats covered but mine isn't a cylinder shape so not sure if it will be suitable, i will hunt around a bit and see if i can find anything out :)

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I will post a picture up of it later today if i get chance that thing called work geting in the way today! something like this would be pretty good as i have a spare netbook thats not doing much so i seem to have all the bits!

Where can i buy these or what to search for?

thanks :)

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for a 1.25 you can use a 35mm film canister. These work perfectly.

You can remove the lens, hot glue and or black tape the area where it attaches.

small pill bottles work very well for this as well, just wrap the pill bottle with black tape to shield the light.

Personally I use SharpCap software and this real simple setup has provided some very impressive images.

I suggest adjusting the settings to arrive at the best possible images.

I also use registax and photoshop to end up with a final image.

I have experimented with a couple webcams using this method, but my favorite is using a Playstation Eye Cam.

I have used this on my Celestron 127EQ and my Celestron CS8 with good results from both. I have also used my Barlows with this setup, with good results.

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Some results using my web cam molded with the film canister. Still have some learning to do with the settings, and clearly the webcam is not the best, looking for a higher res webcam.


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Hi there, try looking here Billetparts.co.uk/FDOS Design -- MS LifeCam Adaptor  & here for Gary Honis ghonis.ho8.com/LifeCam

It's fairly easy to do, good luck.

regards Ady

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