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APT Crosshairs disappearing?


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Hi All,

The crosshairs on APT don't always seem to display when viewing the output from my 500d in liveview.

If I press the "Target" button once I get the "+5x" box, if i press it again the box disappears, if I press it for a 3rd time nothing appears, then if I press it for a 4th time the "+5x" box re-appears.

Has anyone else come across this? Am I doing something stupid?

I'm using Windows 7 and APT v2.20

Thanks, Drakester.

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Hi Drakester,

The 3rd time is switching on the object scale displaying. In the Tools tab there is a section Object Calculator. If you enter your focal length and object size (in arc minutes) APT will draw the object in the scale that it will be on your image :)

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Many Thanks Ivo, but how do I get the cross hairs back again?

No matter how many times I hit the target button they won't reappear so I can use them for alignment.

Cheers, Drakester

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Thanks to Redfox the problem with the cross is found and fixed it. To workaround the bug before the next version, when the cross disappears, just use Shift+Click to reset the position.

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