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Saturdays CaK - 27th April


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Despite April showers, in the dry gaps between the sky was about as blue as it ever gets here in the UK - fantastic transparency, and so decided it was worth a bit of CaK imaging. Once i'd got setup the view on the laptop screen showed seeing going from pretty bad to pretty good, so optimistically as ever knew if I kept the stack size small and the avi size large there was going to be some good data in there wink.png

Starting off with the full disk, this is a 6 pane mosaic taken with the 100mm scope running at ~f5 (I think!), usual CaK filter and DMK31 camera.


cak full disk by Mark Townley, on Flickr


cak full disk colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr

I decided to up the focal length, still with the 100mm up to 1600mm, and see what was happening at the smaller scale.

At the time this spot on the limb was assigned s2377


s2377 cak by Mark Townley, on Flickr


s2377 cak colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr

The area around AR11730 was looking good so did a 2 pane widescreen mosaic...


ar11730 cak by Mark Townley, on Flickr


ar11730 cak colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr

Needless to say AR11731 was always going to be of interest cool.png


ar11731 cak small by Mark Townley, on Flickr


ar11731 cak small colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr

Ever the optimist I upped the focal length to 2 metres for a little closer look, seeing was starting to play up with things, but this is passable:


ar11731 cak by Mark Townley, on Flickr


ar11731 cak colour by Mark Townley, on Flickr

Then the showers returned, and by the time they had gone was far too late for considering hi-res CaK, still, had a alot of fun taking these. Hope you like!

Mark smile.png

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments :)

I'm so jealous of those close ups.

You have all the right bits Alexandra, you just haven't assembled them in the right order yet ;)

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