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This n that together equals a great result


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Hello all, I thought I would let you know how I got on with a combination of two of my latest, erm discoveries for want of a better word. One of the reasons I so love this passtime, hobby, obsession or whatever we call it, is its a massive non stop learning curve.

Anyway I shall cut to the chase. I recently had a witter on about using bins properly for the first time http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/183971-bins-another-revelation/ then I found the stellarium app for an android tablet http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/184202-stellarium-for-android-pad/

End result, Tonight I went out with my bins viewing and put the app onto night mode. With this I managed to resolve M36,37,38 and a several lovely large star clusters in between capella and Alnath with just the Lidl 10*50 cheapo bins. (bins one hand, tablet the other)

Conclusion is I shall be taking the tablet with me when viewing from here on. The side by side view with the actual night sky was perfect and helped resolving things that i doubt I would have had a half chance of before pretty easy.

Maybe not everyone's idea of how to do astronomy but each to their own, I for one found it brilliant.


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It's certainly a great way to learn the sky, and if its helping you find things then its all good.

All I would say is that once you know your way around, and particularly if you are somewhere dark, using a star map and a red light will keep your eyes dark adapted properly. That way you will see the objects far better, smartphones and iPads chuck out a lot of light even in night modes. Fainter objects such as galaxies will just be much harder to see.

Glad you found some more objects anyway, the open clusters in Auriga are some of my favourites and look different in binos and scopes so I always have a look for them whatever I have with me.


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