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My Solar scope setup


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Here's a picture I took today of my 5" F/14 solar scope, set up in the rolloff observatory building of Stone Haven Observatory. I've worked around the stability problems mentioned in the ATM forum by attaching the scope to an old C8 fork mount base. When placed on the equatorial pier, it works much better!

The dome is visible in the background.


Here's the first picture to turn out through the above scope, taken through high clouds. I just pointed my cheapo digital camera at the eypiece and *click*. You can see 3 sunspots along the edge of the Sun at right. Granularity can be seen along the left side of the image, too.


This is not the entire surface, but only about 1/8 along the eastern limb.

Hope you like them! More practice, and I'll get the hang of shooting through the new scope. I took some film images too, but they'll have to wait until I develop and scane them.

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