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GSO Superview


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Hi all,

Got a question for you.

I've just got a secondhand gso superview 15mm Wide View Four Elements made in Taiwan.

When i look at the ep without the top dust cover on, it seems to be in 3d. What I mean, when I look at the lens, the glass is about 25mm diameter, but sitting above this (so it seems) is another lens (I suppose you could say) about 10mm across.

I know this may sound totally weird, but the smaller 'lens' floats above the glass.

This may be an optical illusion, a sign of a good lens, or a sign of another paperweight.

Can anyone help me out?

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It's probably just a trick of the light reflecting off a convex lens surface. It's certainly no real indication of the EPs quality, one way or another.

That is dependent on how it actually works with your scope, at which I would hazard a guess; Being a four element EP with that sort of field of view, I'm guessing it won't be that well corrected in your sub F5 scope, so it will be reasonably sharp in the middle 50% of the FOV and getting rapidly softer from there on out. On the other hand, the lack of optical elements should make it reasonably contrasty, so it will probably work well for faint fuzzies as long as you're not to distracted by star shapes in the outer field.

So it's the usual blend of budget EP compromises - Low price ,wide field & well corrected. Pick two and forget the other!

I stand to be corrected by the forum sages though. :)


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some eyepieces look amazing, particularily ultra wides+ when you look into them they give the impression of being hollow inside and containing an inside space which is larger then their exterior form. its really groovy if you get the light right :)

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