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Help! Baader Hyperion Zoom. What are the extras in the box?


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I've just purchased the Baader Hyperion Zoom 8-24mm.

What are the two extra round pieces enclosed in the box? One is made of rubber and the other of plastic.

How do you attach it to main ep?

When I attach ep to diagonal on Celestron Nexstar 8se, I can't fit the ep tube completely inside diagonal and tighten the screws on the diagonal as the body gets in the way of the screws. I have to raise the tube slightly from the diagonal so that there's enough clearance to tighten the diagonal screws. This seems rather crude or am I doing something wrong?


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The issue you are having with the diagonal screws fouling the body of the eyepiece is quite common when you use a wide bodied eyepiece in a stock issue 1.25" diagonal. You could try finding some smaller diameter set screws for the diagonal or use a par focalisation ring on the eyepiece so that it's lifted slightly when it sits in the diagonal or replace the diagonal with one where the screws sit below the top of the diagonal drawtube or even get a 2" diagonal where this won't be an issue. You are not doing anything wrong as such.

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also the rubber ring ,looks to be like the optional eyecup. should have several types come with it ,winged, twist up ect. the metal barrel is the 2" barrel ,you can use either 1,25 or 2" barrels.

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