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Which 2" Light Pollution Filter

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Hey folks,

With the recent purchase of my new 2" WO Dielectric diagonal I was wanting to get a LPF for it, but don't know which would be the best one to go for.

I got one of the Skywatcher 1.25 ones for my 127 SLT when I bought it, but now I have upped the ante with my better kit, would I be advised getting something like the Baader Neodymium filter? It is a whole lot more expensive than the Skywatcher one, but is it a whole lot better that it warrants spending the extra money on it?

Also looking at the pictures of the Baader one, will it fit into the nosepiece of my diagonal so that it is totally flush and will be able to go in my Quicklock adapter? I am sure it will, but thought I would ask the question first. Whats that old engineers saying? Measure twice, cut once;-)

Thanks alot

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The Baader Neodymium filter is a good one and also enhances views of planets in some cases, highly rocommended, all filters will fit into the nosepiece of your diagonal and also attach to your twist-lock adaptor, I have the Orion one and I use 2" filters with it, along with the Baader FTR's (14mm & 28mm), very flexible!

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