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M42 - First serious prime focus

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Went out on Sunday to try and get Holmes at prime focus on the Meade ( 10" LX200 ) Finally got close to focus IE could see the comet :D needed to fine tune and centralise the frame when the power went off till turned midnight - needless to say gave up and went in. So got out again last night - goodness knows where the scope thought it was - Polaris apparently resides in my boots - that explains the limp :D :D.

So spent 2 hours sorting it out, still not convinced that it is smack on.

Any way by this time Holmes was starting to peep round the tree so went for it

Took 24 30second shots at prime focus ( with 6.3 focal reducer) - stacked 12 in DSS and tweaked in photshop. Shame 12 were NBG due to trailing ( better alignment and or PEC training required, me moving to keep warm or the rabbits kicking the base of the pillar or trains passing 200yards away etc. ), it could have done with the extra subs.


(click to enlarge)

By now Orion was well up so went for M42 took 45 15 second subs 35 were stacked in DSS and tweaked in photshop. I am pleased with it as a first effort, but I think I have probably just over cooked it, not convinced that the focus could not be improved, and th colour looks a bit off .


(click to enlarge)

All images taken at ISO400 on Pentax K10D Prime focus on Meade 10" LX200 with 6.3 focal reducer.

As ever comments good,bad or indifferent always welcome.


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A real pair of corkers there Rob. The comet looks swell in a grey greenish sort of way, and very crisp and clean. M42 looks a bit spooky but in a nice way. Plenty of detail brought out in your processing which is very good.

Ron. :D

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