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Getting delivery of Celestron Nexstar 8SE tomorrow


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Hi All

Hope I'm in the right part of the Forum.

I'm getting delivery of the Celestron Nexstar 8SE tomorrow plus Dew shield, power cable, Telrad Finder, polarising filter, nebula filter, Baader Hyperion 8-24mm zoom and adapter for DSLR camera. Can't wait and very excited about my first Goto telescope. If the viewing is like last night in London I'll be well pleased!

I currently have a 6" refractor, equatorial mount, 25mm and 16mm Plossl and x2 barlow which I want to sell. Is there anywhere on this site or can you recommend any UK websites for selling these items?

Many thanks.

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Delivery of scope etc has now just happened. Widescreen Centre very efficient in delivery of package via City Link. I now have one very large box in hallway waiting to be unpacked.P.S I can't believe I'm being blamed for the clouds! Thanks alanjgreen.

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8SE and Hyperion 8-24mm zoom...............is a great combo. Ive been using it for the last yr and a half.

Hi. How does the zoom compare with Individual eyepieces? I have an olivon 8-24mm zoom and I'm undecided. It has a yellow tinge compared to my plossl Ana's doesn't seem to have as good contrast. The Hyperion may be a better option for me as in currently looking for new eyepieces?



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I've used the Hyperion and the kit 25mm plossl, I think there's very little to choose between them, but for me the compact size of the 25mm edges it. The 25mm Celestron kit plossl is definitely a keeper, it should be good to use in any scope for general finding and wide-ish field viewing.

You may want to invest in an 8" dew heater tape and controller, depending on funds I can recommend the Astro-Tech four port controller as this will allow you to add more tapes for finder scope front and back (or the red dot finder) and eyepiece - all have severely dewed up on me on some nights!

Which nebula filter do you have? I think mine is the Skywatcher UHC 2" which I used with my 38mm eyepiece, gives cracking views of the Orion Nebula, although the extra size and weight of a 2" diagonal and 38mm eyepiece is too much for the 8SE Goto mount really.

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Excellent, I'm sure you'll love it!

If I might ask a massive favour though, when you get the DSLR adapter, any chance you could post back on how it is? I'm looking for something simple to take a few snaps of objects :)

Many thanks!

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