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AR11726 from Sat 21st April

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More testing with the PST/TAL setup. Although it was lovely and clear most of the day, the seeing was very unstable. It was hard to keep a steady image on the screen, but I kept at it and got a few AVI's to play with. This was the best of the day. It doesn't totally suck.


AR11726 TAL 13-04-21 11-45-49 by allcart2, on Flickr

Only 80 frames stacked from 3000 due to the seeing. DMK41, stacked in Registax5, pp in CS5.

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Thanks Alexandra, I'm not quite sure what you mean about blue wing, but I agree that I have issues with the setup that I am resolving slowly. I have processed the same file with AS!2 and the results are better, so I may stop struggling with Registax.

I am quite pleased Robin. I finally got an image from my PST mod that is worth looking at.

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Hi Allan, it is just a question of turning the PST tuning ring to get the etalon more on band. As you turn you should see more surface detail. Here is a few examples of images taken in the wings of hydrogen alpha and centreline to help you visually. Also the more in the wings you are the more pronounced your Newton's rings will be (which are annoying you). I hope this helps a bit.



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