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Tal 2 Finder Scope

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Hello All

At last I have found the time to take my TAL 2 to a local astronomy group night. It was really helpful to talk to somebody who was more experienced than me in using telescopes and could explain things 'hands on'. I learnt lots and will be going again.

One thing that was pointed out to me was that a number of more modern telescopes are set up with right angled finder scopes. With this type of setup, the process of looking through the finder scope and then through the telescope eyepiece is greatly simplified as the amount of body movement required is a lot less.

So here is my question. Is it possible to get an adaptor/device to allow me to convert the standard TAL 8X finderscope into a right angled finder, or would I have to replace it altogether ? I am loathe to get rid of it as it seems reasonably good quality.

As ever, any advice would be gratefully received.



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I do not think there is a converter for the finder that you have, it would be a case of fitting another.

You would have to check out which other RA finders have a foot the would allow one to be fitted in place of the Tal item. Alternatively you buy a tube ring for the Tal, fit the ring then fit a RA finder to the ring.

I suggest that you keep the present Tal finder immaterial of what you do, getting a Tal replacement would not be easy if lost and if you ever sold people would expect the Tal finder to be present. Whether is it good, bad or indifferent it is part of that scope. If you need an example of this then consider TV Plossl eyepieces they are often advertised as having the TV eyepiece caps.

One sudden thought, search around and see if Tal actually make an RA finder, never heard of one but such an object may exist.

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Its horses for course here - the TAL 8x50 is an excellent finder, personally I always found the cross hairs a bit too faint for my liking but optically its as good as it gets. TAL dont do a right angle finder as far as I know so you'd have to look at something else. There is a small headache with this as TAL dont use a standard vixen accessory shoe so any replacement finder like a RA one would require you to drill into the tube to fit a vixen accessory shoe.

The upside of a straight through finder is that with practice you can look through it with one eye and keep the other eye open so you can get a widefield view and a better idea of where the scope is pointing.

I'd not worry too much about body movement - you';ll be doing a lot of body movement with any Newtonian telescope - see it as getting fit :)

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I prefer red dot finders so I cut a piece of aluminium the same size and shape as the base to the TAL finder, I then attached a quick release shoe to the aluminium and installed as per original finder.

The RDF can then be removed easily for storage and the quick release shoe stays on the OTA.

This method could also be used for your right angled finder should you get one in the future.

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Ladies /Gentlemen

Thank you all for your observations.

Sounds like a good idea to keep the original TAL finder scope and maybe supplement it with something else - possibly fixed to another tube ring. I will certainly keep hold of the original finder. May even consider a green laser pointer in this respect ??

Astro Baby - you mentioned that you find the cross hairs a little bit faint. This has been a problem for me too. Do you know if there is a way to make cross hairs more vivid/pronounced ?

Thanks All.


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No, theres no easy way to do it. I was going to modify mine to accept an illuminator but in the end I just couldnt be bothered and sold the scope to F15 Rules on here.

If only TAL would fit an illuminator it would kick it.

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