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So this is how they build Vixen telescopes (in Japanese)

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Thanks for the link. Something very reassuring about seeing all this hand built assembly going on. It's a shame Vixen stuff is not more popular over here as they make great optics. I guess they can't compete on price with the Chinese, but would be nice to own one.

Edit - and also mounts free of that grease...


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Thats an interesting video - thanks for posting it :smiley:

Vixen scopes are very nice - I've owned two but both secondhand. The new prices are pretty steep but I guess Japanese labour costs more than Chinese ?.

They did do a couple of lower priced ED doublet models which I think were re-branded versions of the Skywatcher ED80 and ED100. Still a bit more expensive than the Skywatcher versions though.

The Japanese ones seem much more precisely engineered than their chinese counterparts, to me.

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