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DMK21 + CCTV Lens Settings?

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I have a DMK21 with a CCTV f2 lens attached and I wanted to set it up like an 'All Sky' camera for meteor showers etc.

It seems to work OK, but wondered what the best settings are?

What capture software do you use?

What are the best settings for exposure, gain etc?



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    • By michaelmorris
      Computar 2.6mm F1.0 CCTV lens
      This high quality ultra fast ultra wide angle CCTV lens is great for use with a highly sensitive CCTV camera for video recording meteors.  These ultra fast lenses were discontinued by Computar several years ago and are now very rare. They originally sold for over $300 each.
      Excellent condition. Lenses free from scratches and internal dust. DC auto iris tested and working.
      £85 + £8 postage to UK mainland

    • By michaelmorris
      2 x Computar HG0808 FCS-HSP ultra fast CCTV lenses
      Very rare, high quality DC Auto iris CCTV lens designed for ultra-low light conditions.  Ideally for use with CCTV cameras with a 1/2" chip, such as the Watec 902H2 series CCTV cameras.
      Ideal for ultra low light conditions such as night time video capture of meteors. Both lenses in very good condition, with recently tested auto iris control, no scratches on glass and no fungus. One lens comes with original optional IR correction filter, but no front lens cap - £100
      The other lens has no IR correction filter - £90
      Postage £6.00 (insured and tracked)

    • By AngryDonkey
      I'm afraid this will be yet another DIY all sky camera build! 😂 Hopefully interesting though... While developing my all sky software (shameless plug, see signature) one of the biggest problems is that I don't actually have a permanent all sky camera setup myself. I live in the middle of a big city with massive light pollution where the summer temperatures are just creeping up to 40C+, not ideal... So for a while I have been thinking about setting up a remote all sky camera to help with the testing of the AllSkEye app. Initially the idea was to mount it at a relatives house but then once I looked into what would be required to make it fully remote controllable I was thinking that if I go to all that trouble, I might as well look for a location with great weather and dark skies.
      After a few inquiries I got a really great response from Jose at the E-Eye remote hosting facility in Spain. This was fantastic news because not only will the camera have nice weather and dark skies but the facility also has fibre broadband which is almost a must for what I have in mind further down the road (I am also planning to transfer some image data to cloud storage for archiving and further processing and that could potentially be a lot of data). So this is where it is going to go (all being well and my 3D printer not packing up!
      I'll try to follow my progress here, maybe it will be helpful for someone. The basic idea is pretty simple:
      Setup a completely autonomous and remotely controllable all sky camera  Sounds easy enough... Well, let me tell you, it is not! To anyone having setup your own remotely hosted scope setup, my hat off to you, it's not an easy task! Initially I split this project into two parts:
      The camera, lens, housing and everything that goes with it The control box that will control the above Unfortunately I don't have time just now to go into any details but will hopefully be able to do so soon. I just though if I don't start this thread soon I never will 😀. The state of play at the moment is that the control box is pretty complete and the camera housing is nearing completion (3D printer is very busy, not a fast manufacturing process unfortunately).
      Here are a few pictures of what it looks like at the moment:

    • By tooth_dr
      I pointed my solar telescope at a small prominence in the hope that it would do something whilst I imaged it.  Because I am new to solar imaging I don't know whether this is particularly lucky, or if it's something that's easily caught.  Over the space of about an hour I captured 18 videos, each of 1000 frames, using a mono DMK21.  I stacked 10% of the frames, and then manually went about aligning and cropping the 18 stacked images because ImPPG didn't like to do it for me.  I also took an image of the solar surface, just to get rid of the white in the image, and add something visually interesting to the solar disc.  I used a curves adjustment to make it orange, and then made a movie in MS Movie Maker.
      Hope you enjoy it!
    • By bottletopburly
      Can anyone tell me / confirm that I need the 5mm cs adapter to fit my qhy5L-11  so this will focus at infinity with the 25mm  cctv lens  I assume I remove the c adapter and replace with the CS adapter .
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