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Skywatcher Low Profile Newt Focuser

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have been looking to get one of these for my 200p but i'd like to know before i press the buy button whether the focuser itself can be collimated/adjusted so that its square to the secondary

In collimating a scope the object is to adjust the mirrors to line up with the focuser, not vice versa. I don't know of adjustable focusers as such but there are CCD plane adjusters available which allow the orthogonality of the image plane to be tweaked.
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On some focusers you can adjust the position of the tube i.e you can do this with the sw Quattro as far as I'm aware so that the focuser itself is central

Moonlites can also be collimated

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I have collimated 2 focusers by SW - one the standard Crayford as supplied on skyliner 250px, the other the 10:1 version as supplied on the Explorer 200pds. If you look on the astronomy shed Quattro upgrade video you'll see how to put a centre ring opposite the focuser so you can use a simple laser to collimated against.

Making the adjustments is a bit of a pain in terms of you can't get to the adjusters with the focus knobs on, but can't have the laser in place without the knobs in place, but it is simple enough. It's not something you're going to have to do often, it's a 'do once when you have the secondary out' job, then forget about it.

In terms of what collimation is, it is about aligning ALL of the optical elements between the target and your eye. In an newt that includes the primary, secondary, AND the eyepiece or camera - and that means the focuser which holds the EP or camera has to be collimated to be on the optical axis if you want the best performance out of your tube.

Hope that helps.

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thanks very much collimation i understand it was just whether the low profile focuser can be adjusted if needed

If ping FLO a mail via their site and they'll be able to tell you. All the images I can find if that model hide where the collimation screws would be.

Not worth pushing the extra few quid to the Baader Steeltrack? They're supposed to be good.

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I have sent FLO an email waiting for a reply. I want to motorise the focuser and have a sw auto focuser on its way to me. The Baader is far to expensive with the motor kit

If I was going to spend that kind of money I'd rather get a motorised Moonlite. I've owned a Steeltrack and I currently have a Moonlite on my frac and much prefer the Moonlite

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