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I have a Canon 350d which i use on for astrophotgrapy using the Orion Tele-Extender Camera Adapters and a T-Mount but on reading the latest edition on Sky at Night i have noticed that people are also using a camera lens one came with my camera but how are you able to attach the camera and lens to the telescope.


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you can buy whats called a piggy back mount for both the ext and the bigger meades, this fits to the top of the scope (or via a cradle in the case of the etx) and allows you to mount the camera on top, you will have to re balance your set up unless you can place the camera bang on the current center of gravity.

Piggy backing with a 28mm or 50mm lens can give fantastic widefield images and is worth doing, or alternatively you could pick up a little orion eq camera mount if on a budget or even the astrotrack if money is no option.

I would advise against using a zoom lens on the camera though and instead would suggest getting hold of a few prime lenses.

28mm, 50mm and 135mm are good focal lengths, though if I had to have just one it would probably be the 28mm at present.

The problem with zoom lenses is that they have many elements (sometimes 15 or more) and this can lead to internal reflections showing up as artifacts on images.

Also go for the fastest lens you can get.. I try to aim for f2.8 lenses as they give more light to help with manual focusing. though anything under f5.6 is ok.

The older canon, sigma , tokina and tamron lenses are fine, as are old M42 mount ones used with a T ring.

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