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Hi from Swansea S.Wales

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Hi All, Recently retired and decided to take up Astronomy, so I'm a complete beginner. Though I've been interested for many years via 'The discovery Channel' Etc. Catch you all later , probably with loads of questions. Cheers All. Scorp.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hello, and welcome from the Rhondda valley. :smiley:

Stop by the South Wales group, posted under social groups here, for local information and activities.


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Hi Scorp and welcome to the lounge,

There's lot's to learn with this hobby, but you have definitely come to

the right place, lots of friendly folk here, helpful and very knowledgeable,

ask in the relevant forum.

Good Luck

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Welcome to SGL Scorpiom

A great community and fantastic resource for all things astronomical! Hope you have a great start to your retirement and manage to get some great views despite the usual British (and particularly Welsh) climate ;)

Fire away with any and all questions.

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Welcome to the lounge. I remember watching the discovery channel in the nice warm house. It seems all I've done recently is subject myself to ever more inhospitable conditions. Worst thing is that you end up loving it! Give me a cold crisp night any day of the week. I'll be out like a shot

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