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Good AP 'Sensor' For Less Than £500?

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Hey Guys,

Would like to start dabbling with AP. ATM I only have an ALT/AZ which I know is far from ideal but I hope to get a EQ sooner rather than later. My OTA is a Celestron 102SLT (F5) and I would like to start 'easy' with moon and planet shots and as I get better, perhaps some brighter DSO's. I will move on to longer exposures of DSO's once I get the EQ.

Can anyone recommend a good 'all rounder' for less than £500 that will work well with a 102mm(4") F5 frac? Not looking for a best in class per say- but something that will last till I get all the kit in place for a multiple OTA/EQ BIG CCD set up (probably 2-4 years off).

I have heard web cams are good for the moon/planet but also with a budget of £500 the cheaper CCD's are in range. I have also seen 'INova' sensors that seem to talk the talk.

FYI I already own an Olympus E-520 DSLR but I can't help but think that prime focus images may not come out great - especially for planets. I would prefer (where possible) one of the afocal set ups that allow me to use the eye pieces to magnify the image.

Any thoughts or recommendations anyone?


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This is only an opinion, but if you are prepared to blow 500 on a camera you are going to upgrade anyway why not just spend a bit and put the rest towards that mount or the camera you really want. the spc900 is still about (although at greatly inflated prices) why not get one of them. It's still the best webcam for astrophotography by quite a margin unless you really want to spend more. They still go on ebay and astrobuy/sell for between 50-100 which although a ripoff campared to their original price is still a lot less than 500

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