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Help With Focuser/Auto Focuser Selection

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Hi all,

I am considering the next augmentation to my stargazers kit. Having been in the field as often as this winters season has allowed I have come to the conclusion that I need some sort of focusing or autofocusing enhancement.

ATM I have a Nexstar 102SLT GOTO and I am still having a lot of fun learning the trade with it. However, its single fork arm connection coupled with my not so delicate touch makes getting a really tight focus something of a battle - normally to be won by the OTA.

I know 'of' focusers and autofocusers but I have'nt (can't) see one in action. Could I draw on the extensive knowledge in this forum for help identifying and selecting one? My requirements are below:

1) Must work independantly with a celestron Nexstar 102SLT.

2) Should be compatible/useable with a laptop (this is a set up I hope to build up to).

3) Should be astrophotography friendly (again, something I hope to be doing in the future).

4) IF possible it would be good if it was cross compatible with a celestron SCT (another future purchase).

5) Budget is flexible. I am willing to pay top dollar for something that ticks the box for 1-4 but will obviously want to pay less for something that is not future proof for my planned expansion of kit (listed in 1-4). I will happily pay £50-£100 for something that 'only' gets the job done for my humble 102SLT but would rather pay more for something that 'does it all'.

As usual, comments, opinions and suggestions are most welcome. Where possible, could you post links to any suggested items?

Many thanks,


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