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Imaging with an 80mm aperture refractor

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OK these questions keep being asked - but after trawling through this and other forums I am still uhming and ahhing...

I am interested in getting a refractor for imaging.

I am considering the Skywatcher 80ED variants - the DS Pro and the Equinox.

The Equinox is a faster scope - but how is it for CA? How is it for visual observations? How effective is the flattener? Apparently the Equinox has a somewhat sturdier and better build quality/finish.

I suppose 80ED is best for widefield imaging - that is what I am interested in. But how does it manage planets and lunar features?

Isthe flattener/reducer for the DS Pro compatible with the Equinox to make it an even faster scope? Would that be advantageous - and if so, in what circumstances?

Then the next one on my hitlist is the TS Triplet APO 80mm f6 from Modern Astronomy

How does that compare with the Skywatchers above (or their different-brand counterparts)?

The price jump is quite a bit, but the law of diminishing returns does kick in ... in a word, how noticeable are the differences and could anyone back that up with images taken side-by-side.

Questions, questions, questions, i know. But hopefully this will be a good reference thread in the future for anyone wanting to go into the imaging game with 80mm of aperture.

Or should 100mm be entertained :shocked:

Questions, questions and more questions.

All the best


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OK the Equinox 80ED - the new one with Schott glass etc.

Pros and cons? If you have one could you give your latest opinions?

What is it like for DSO imaging, planetary imaging, observing? What about adding further flatteners/reducers if available?

Thanks for any help here :grin:

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