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Panstars for the first time.

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Managed to see Panstars for the first time tonight. Weather and cloud has stopped any chance of seeing it until tonight. Finally managed to get a view for about 15 minutes between the cloud breaks. Very nice view and looks great. Using bino's 15X70 on a tripod. Must try to get the scope set up and camrea again before it goes.

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I viewed Panstarrs tonight for the first time too with binoculars. On holiday in the north east of Scotland with great view of north west horizon. It has been cloudy (no to mention snowing) all week but tonight it was clear. I'm delighted to see it, which is my first comet. I also dragged my wife and father in law out for a quick look and they were also pleased to see it. My wife could see it naked eye however I needed to use binoculars. Hopefully it will be clear again tomorrow before we head home at the weekend.

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I can't tell enough people, I saw PanStarrs comet tonight, my first ever comet, been waiting for weeks for the weather to break

had a great view with my Meade 12x50 bins, not that bright L P from Liverpool doesn't help but the tail is huge, I observed it for

about 25 minuets, can't say WOW enough, hope tomorrow is clear, can't wait to see it again.

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