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what is some good stargazing music?

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The whole dark side of the moon album by pink floyd. Cant velieve no one hasnt already said this ya phylastines lol

Total silence for me. Or maybe 'Ace of Spades' by Motörhead if I'm in the mood. Seriously, though, much as I like Motörhead, total silence is essential out in the obs.

Cygnus X-1 -- Rush Stargazer -- Rainbow

Brian Eno - An Ending

Just a great tune

Such a beautiful song. I also listen to Jim Meacock the planets soundtrack, calm blue sea I think it is.. (the VLT music) Blackmill - Friend and Voyager symphonies of the planets.

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Slightly off topic but when we were down in Provence there was this bird that was real loud and made almost an alarm beep type of noise, in fact we thought it was something electrical going beep until it moved around. You certainly couldn't of listened to music over it.

Any idea what bird that could of been?

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Dunno but I heard a bird in my street just last week mimicking a police siren, was the oddest thing. A police car went past in the distance and then 10 seconds or so later a bird started making a similar sound. very odd, we dont have mimicking birds in this country i thought

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very odd, we dont have mimicking birds in this country i thought

I always think swallows remind me of someone trying to connect to the Internet with an old dial-up modem.

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Pink Floyd loud in the dark head phones of course under the stars what more could you want.

with reference to the bird thing.

We do have a mimiking bird in this country the black bird.

I was on a building site in Chichister around 10 years ago , fencing of the carpark the site was finished and the machinery had gone .

We were the only ones on site and kept hearing the reversing beacon of a the fork lift only to realise it was a black bird , must have been around the same volume!

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I know im a boring old fart, but I like the sound of silence, see what I did there, I completely understand dark side of the moon, I bought it when it came out and it blew me away, I must have played it every night for months, ditto genesis & Santana.In my day ( here se go again ) you used to sit down & listen to music, now there seems to be this ( music to go ) culture, I guess its a generation thing, but when not listening to music I like quiet. BUT, if I had to listen to something evocative, try Stravinski, symphony of psalms.

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While out watching, I prefer silence, but when i'm at home reading star maps or playing with Stellarium, I enjoy listening to the Russian artist known as "_Algol_ ", especially his album "Follow the cepheid light". My favourite track:

Another good band/artist is Lustmord and his album "The place where dark stars hang".

Then there's S.E.T.I. (Andrew Lagowski) and many others.

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Silence for me so far but if and when I take a soundtrack to my night its the following :

Descent Into Delta by Talvihorros


1, 2 & 3 by pole


lost in the glare by Barn Owl


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