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It was a beautiful orange when it rose here and for the first time in at least a fortnight the clouds held off while the scope went out and cooled - viewing was not great, but I could just make out arcturis for a one star align and also saw Jupiter very briefly. Managed to shoot some 12000 frames on the moon for a full moon mosaic - but mostly as a test of my recently serviced mount, mods to the focuser and webcam with filter wheel.

Nice to get out, chilly but managed two hours after everything cooled down - the Met is promising some breaks for me on Saturday and Sunday nights so may get to have a more serious session then, with the benefit of the bank holidays to lay in - if the kids play ball!

Longer term forecast not looking so bright at present, but I figure we are certainly due some good breaks in the not too distant - here's hoping anyway....

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I saw it briefly through a gap in the clouds too. Looked lovely, very orange and appeared large because it was low down. Haven't seen it for a long time!!

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