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Hi, does anyone have any experience of the Samsung Galaxy 16gb 10.1"? I would like to know if it works with Google Sky Maps.

Also interested to hear of any other tablets which people gave found useful in astronomy.


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Thanks for reply's. I couldn't find any details on the Tab2 having a compass or gps, so I was wondering how it worked with Google Sky Map. Does it revolve map as its moved, ir do you have to move manually, like I have to on HTC Radar?


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Looks like it has full size USB 2.0, so that could come in handy for the webcam on the scope


if you can get it working you will earn some significant dollar from the astro community!

android does not support external usb camera as there are no drivers built in for it. howver it is something i am working on, trying to integrate the video for linux drivers into my tablets kernel. if i can get it to work, then potentially we can run sharpcap via sandbox and havea lightweight and easy to handle way of capturing avis on to sd card (limited to 32gb on my tablet) for processing on a computer later on.

but as a guidance tool - eg SkEye, then its great.


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