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*** - Sixpenny Handley Star Party 2013 - ***

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Another thumbs up here, and big thanks again to Mark for organising. Really enjoyed my second star party, and a totally different feel to SGL8.

Also thanks to everyone for the various favours (hairdryer, collimation, barbecue, another hairdryer, observing stool, more collimation, Famous Grouse, and yet another hairdryer!), I think I owe nearly everyone something, will have to come up with something for next year as a belated recompense :) Although, I did bring the good weather with me, that must count for something!

I now have a long list of things to get or do before next time...

See you next time, comrades.

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Well done to AstroGnome for getting things together and for booking the two clear nights at the weekend. It`s a nice site and a nice little village.

In between trying to keep things dry from the dew, here is what I managed to observe.

Friday Oct 4th

M31 and Perseus double cluster visible with naked eye.

M33 Triangulum Galaxy visible in 10x50 binos as a fuzzy patch, still a bit difficult to get any detail, even with the 10" dob at 59x, slight concentration to the nucleus.

Uranus- did a web cam capture then spent a bit too much time trying to get it with the 2x Barlow in place but without much success.

M2 globular cluster. Did a capture with the Watec video camera, pic attached.

M15 globular cluster. Also captured with the video camera, pic attached.

Comet 154P/Brewington- couldn`t find it, a little bit too faint I think. Since found out it was mag 15!

NGC 288 appeared like an open cluster and indeed it is classed as a loose globular.

Two meteors.

Saturday Oct 5th

Venus at 120x appeared at a gibbous phase. Bad diffraction from it being so low.

NGC 7009 Saturn Nebula at 136x appeared as a blue blob slightly elongated.

NGC 7293 Helix Nebula situated low over the club house, could not see it.

Three meteors

Tried to capture M31 and M33 with the Watec camera and 50mm SLR lens, didn`t really turn out as good as I thought.

A standard SLR camera would have done a better job I think.'



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Wow ! Sounds like you had an excellent time. Hope that we get to see something at the

Peak Star Party this week, emphasis being Party !


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Had a great time, despite the weather, good to meet friends from previous star parties. Many thanks to Mark for organisation, looking forward to next time.


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Just sorry I couldn't make it : I had talk bookings on the two clear nights last week. Typical!

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