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Heritage 130p unboxed to find the secondary mirror out of place

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Yup, they were probably the moons - it doesn't seem to take a lot to see them (maybe not surprising given their size!) There are tools that will show their positions for the day - if you've an iPhone, there's one called JupitersMoons which seems good.

And with the 10mm in my scope, yes, Jupiter looks like a 2mm circle. You can see it's not a point, but otherwise it looks pretty bright and start like. 10mm still only gives you x65, and from what I've read people suggest x120 to x150, or even x180.

I found that a 5mm lens - so x130 - gives nice views. Jupiter still isn't huge, but you can see bands (3 easily, and I think I've caught a hint of a 4th), shadows of transits, etc.. I've not spotted the GRS, but somehow it's always on the far side of the planet in the times I've looked. Try x130 - I think you'll be pleased. I agree with what Amra says though - higher magnification would lose resolution, and it would zoom across the eyepiece

Re: Red Dot Finder - I found moving my forward (I think) on the mounting thing brought it down slightly.

As for observing position - I take a chair and sit next to the scope, though I think a table is necessary if trying to look at things near zenith, or really near the horizon. Either, you can't see through the RDF, or things like grass, fences, trees gets in the way too much!

Thanks for the tips - will have a look at the RDF, other people have said the same to looks like I'll grab the screw driver out and get it shifted forward. Will also certainly look into the Jupiter app, with it being so bright at the moment I think I might be taking some time to study it.

I'll have a look into the 5mm lens - any suggestions on makes of eyepieces for the scope?

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Forget the stand - (I am impressed but sadly it is beyond my skills...) I like do the heater though!

Nice stand for the Heritage but be careful. The "footprint" of the table is very close to the footprint of the scope and accidents do happen.

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Yeah - it is rather a wide base... possibly might have to invest in a table if the garden furniture won't do!

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