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What's the longest numbers of nights with no stars visible?

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Hey All

Like is says on the tin: "what's the longest number of nights you've gone without any viewable stars?"

I've just taken delivery of my first eyepiece(s) - a Baader Hyperion zoom and 2.25 Barlow. But how long to wait until I get a clear night?

It's been 17 days now of continuous cloud here in the SE. My last viewing session was 4th March :sad:

Chip in with your days. Should I feel sorry for myself? Or can someone beat me?

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Altho in reality its been since the start of December, there have only been two usable nights.....

....same here. Been pathetic and no signs of changing any time soon by the looks of the weather forecast tonight :(

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Far too many and it had me thinking today, I am putting astronomy a few places down my hobbies list and getting on with something else. I started this to put something into my life and it has not happened so putting the gear in storage and wait for another year.


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My Grandparents used to talk of 2 things called 'a starry night' and 'a sunny day'. We used to humour them about such things. Nowadays no-one believes in these myths.

Seriously? I can't remember the last time it was clear at night when I wasn't doing a gig and can't observe or a day when it was sunny and I wasn't at work. :(

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I don't think I've observed at all this month. To tell the truth I've given up counting.

Over the past week I have genuinely been considering selling my scope and taking up something less weather dependent.

But there's always the hope of something decent just around the corner, Saturn next month, Ison later in the year.. The list is endless...

... Sadly the string of cloudy nights is similarly endless.

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