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My thanks to.....

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Psychobilly, PhotosbyKev, Astrolandrover for putting up the event shelters

Psychobilly for taking them down again

Helen for the scope tour - and everyone who was on the tour for talking about their scopes

Everyone that joined in the memories of Patrick on Friday night

First Light Optics for handling the receipts of all the monies - and for paying the bills of course!

SteveL for the WiFi

Ant for the Sky Guide

MikeP for the Puzzle

All the mod team for helping out when necessary

Really appreciated and apologies if I missed anyone!!

And then thanks to EVERYONE at Lucksall for all they did for us - the food was fantastic, the hospitality as generous as always and their support for us was just brilliant! Thanks again to Steve and the catering team for the buffet on Friday - it was awesome!!

The Golden Hog Roast Company - for the most excellent Hog Roast!!!

And to everyone for attending and braving the Great British Weather and making the most of the weekend. It was great to meet many new SGL friends and sincerely hope you will be back again! I hope you got something from the weekend, a nugget of information - or a look at a scope you are thinking about....

Finally (it's like the Oscars...) to Mrs Daz for putting up with the last few months of a crazy fool running round the house mumbling 'bookings, hog roast and weather' under his breath!!!

Roll on next year :D

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And a huge thank-you to you Daz and all the Mods and GMs who helped.

Every year the SGL Star party grows larger yet you made it look so easy!

The Lucksall Caravan and Camping Park were great! They always are. We are lucky to have found them. And a special thank-you to the Golden Valley Hog Roast Company, their excellent hog roast and cheery demeanour were precisely what was needed on a cold wet day!

And of course to all the members who attended. Astronomy is generally practised in silence, late at night, alone, in the garden, yet the hobby attracts smart, sociable good-natured people. Like the ones here on this forum. At previous SGL star partys we have enjoyed clear skies and sunny days but this year it was mostly wind, rain, ice and snow! I imagined people huddled in their tents dreaming of hot baths but despite the weather everybody I met was socialising and having a good time.

I am already looking forward to SGL9 :smiley:

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Oh, yes, thank-you to everyone who bought cakes :grin:

I think Helen and MikeP's wife have started something with their Welsh cakes and Almond slices because this year the welcome tent looked like a cake shop! Someone even made cakes decorated with constellations :cool:

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I really enjoyed SGL8 even though I cheated and went home every night. We had some good nights of observing so things were not too bad. We even saw the Comet. I hope Gary (owner of Lucksall) was not too unhappy with the state of the Rally Field.


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I too thought these were brilliant!!

Just noticed that you waited until they were nearly all eaten before you took the photo........... :grin: :grin: :grin:

Would just like to add a great big thank you to Daz and all the others who were involved in the organisation of SGL8 and say that we can't wait for SGL9.

Is it true that there may be an SGL8½?

Alan & Linda

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I can only echo everyone else's sentiments and comments ..............Daz you did a cracking job of organizing everything and well done to everyone else who contributed before and during the weekend.I must give a special thanks to Helen,Jean and Mrs P it wouldnt be quite the same without your amazing cooking ( if anyone wants me at SGL9 i will be at the welcome tent :grin: )

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I knew I'd forget to thank someone - Mark at Beaufort for being the man on the ground leading up to the event!

Thanks for all the trips to Lucksall Mark, and for being there for the early arrivers!

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I would like to say hank you to all mentioned above, you managed to organise a fantastic event. It was great to see everyone again. Shame about the weather but it was brilliant all the same.

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My fingers have just thawed out!

A big thanks to you for organising SGL8 and Tracey ( for interesting conversations on the subject of

trashing ).

To all the others who made an increditable event memorable.

No need for ice in whiskey and if you needed ice, you could scrape it off your scope most nights.

We had five viewing nights out of seven, not bad given the weather.

You booked the right week, last week would have been a complete disaster given the amount of snow

across the country.

I spoke to Gary before I left, he was happy with condition of site as we left it. He was just

lifting pieces of paper, little of bits of plastic, he planned to raise the little puddles that were

created round the tents. He was hoping the grass would grow back, but given the cold spell I doubt

it will.

I made some new friends like Peter, he has a love for birds at WWT Slimbridge!

Alan and Linda, who ensured that nobody went without a drink.....

To Rae for helping collimating my scope with my new laser collimator.

To old friends for their witty comments, to my breakfast friends, thanks for your tomatoes.

To Steve, I thought the cider pub near Chirckhowell would be open, but the Crown at Pantygelli

came to the rescue on Sunday afternoon.

I am looking forward to SGL9, hoping for warmer short wearing weather though.



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hoping for warmer short wearing weather though.

ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Daz, can you please ensure that SGL9 is held in at least -40°C? :grin: :grin: :grin::evil:

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Hi Nick,

This could be tricky..... my dob should still work, if the dew is controlled.

Secondly, Alan's little butane stove won't boil a kettle, his cans of beer will freeze,

I think I will store my bottle of whiskey in hot water! Electric pitches will be at a premium

I still think DAZ should plan for the warmer short wearing weather!

It was great to meet up with you again.



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Hi Daz

Another great event & it was great to catch up with everyone so a big thanks to all who organised it, to the campsite owners & finally to all of those who helped me out in my hours of need.

The buffet was awesome & dare I say it I thought the hog roast was even better this year despite the weather.

I hope to see you all again next year. :grin:

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I'd like to give an extra big thank you to Haitch this morning - I would never have found the Leo trio last night if you hadn't let us drunkenly look through your scope at SGL8 (brave man :grin: ). Having seen it before, no matter how briefy, definitely helped when I was searching last night. That's why we went to SGL8 :smiley:

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