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Canon 1100d help

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I’ve just bought a Canon 1100d but need a little help – what other items do I require to attach to my telescope and PC or laptop?

Any help and advice will be much appreciated.


(sorry that clouds will now remain a little longer now I've bought some new kit)

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As mentioned the T-Ring and Adapter, you might also consider a remote control....APT is cheap and just needs a long'ish USB Lead and a Laptop or PC, or a remote control, i have used both and for the cost there both worth buying......

The Remote Comtrol.....




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I have the same camera, I use BackYard EOS as a computer program for the camera. It provides a live view, focus adjustments, the ability to programs photo-shoots and execute them, even moving the scope to a new location at start shooting more pics. For $40(CAN/US) it was one of the best buys I made in a while, it's really helpful. Combined with a planetarium program like Stellarium or Starry Nights, this makes AP much easier, & helps get great results the first time out & every time after that.

As for attachments, this will all depend on type of scope, adapter size (1.25" or 2") & if your going prime focus with the scope or are placing an eye-piece or zoom EP between the camera & scope.

You many need a USB to COM port connector to connect a scope to a computer, many scopes that do need this come with the RS-232 cable with a COM port end. If your laptop doesn't have a com port(older laptops may have a COM port) then you'll need a USB/COM port adapter.

I hope this helps,


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Many thanks to everyone.

I'll get the Canon T-mount adaptor ring

2" T-thread camera adaptor (nose piece) AC493 - all my scopes have 2" focusers and 2" extension tubes.

I've two PC's in my Obsy so hopefully I'll have no issues with connecting the camera to one of them. I've made sure I've put in several USB, RS232, RJ45 and d.c. power cables.

All I need is some clear skies - please


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