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For those of you who have....

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6.25 in Fullerscopes Newtonian

50mm Terrestrial Spotting scope

1 pair 80mm zoom bins

2 pairs 10x50 bins

1 pair 8x40 bins

1pair 8x30 bins

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my three dobs are all quite different beasts. the 6" f11 is a low aperture, slow focal ratio planetary and double star scope which sits on a equatorial platform. it's great for quick sessions as cool down is not long and works really well at high powers (e.g. 300-450x) four double stars when seeing allows.

the 12" f4 I bought as a grab and go with a bit more aperture. cooldown is not too bad (maybe half an hour for low power observing). it fits the Pleiades in the view of my low power eyepiece and I'll be making a suitcase / travel dob out of it eventually for camping etc.

the 16" f4 I use as my favoured scope for all occasions. it's just amazing. it takes a while to cool (maybe an hour for low power and fully cooled in two hours) so it's best at weekends or summer evenings/star parties. but the wait is worth it. it's a LOT bigger than even the 12" f4. here's a pic of them together (the 12" is on an unfinished at that point base)


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8" mak

- glob eater and planetary scope but also great on planetary nebulae and other smaller DSO's

66mm frac

- grab and go, soon to be replaced by an 80mm frac

106mm apo

- great on planets, doubles, open clusters and widefield DSO's from dark sites. Great for doubles too

10" Newt

- being refurbed currently but will be mainly for DSO's

Horses for courses


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