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SGL8 - The Aftermath - Post pics here....

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Hoping to make SGL9 or maybe 10 depending on how quickly I can finally get round to learning to drive. In the memetime however, I found this and felt the need to share

A 360 degree panorama I photographed on the 1st Monday with the idea of putting it into Starry Nights for a local horizon. I got the pano but failed to get Starry Nights to display it, if someone does

Just a couple still haven't gone through the cards yet... Comet C2011 L4 Panstarrs from SGL8 with Insert by psmithuk, on Flickr And A single 60s sub at ISO800 - Should have checked I was going to mis

Posted Images

A very drunken and tired Andy from the Friday night :evil:

Drunk....? Me?! I never get drunk... I think that bottle of Jura must have been past its sell-by date :grin: (Thanks for not posting the one of me dribbling :rolleyes:)

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Here's a few from me...

Our tent, our cars, our mud... Sunday morning, starting to look at bit lonely :)


Getting in a bit of last minute solar viewing before packing up:


My solar image pic - very un-fancy, taken using my compact camera pointed in the eyepiece. Surprised it didn't come out half-bad, lots of sunspot activity:


And how could I not post up my own picture of our lovely ducks !


Matsey :)

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Just found this bird capture!

Nice one Lewis, shame about the Sun getting in the way............ :grin: :grin:

Is this one of the ducks Linda was feeding Jaffa Cakes to in an attempt to create Duck a' l'Orange?


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Hi Mark,

And last weekend some members were going home early because of the rain.

Last year, it was T-shirts and shorts!

It has snowed here in Kings Langley..... Still wearing my shorts...

Will next year's event be in brilliant sunshine during the day and clear skies at night?

Let's not forget that this year given the unfavourable weather we did get views

on five of the seven nights....

All the best.



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Thanks for posting pics of this years event, brings back fond memories of our trip to SGL. Sadly we have sold our campervan as niether of us are fit and well anymore, so to see you all having fun brings me great joy.

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Hi Adrian

It was so nice to meet you in person, I don't know if you remember me, but I enjoyed your recollections on your experiances in the forces, going in to confined spaces in the dark, it sort of bought me down to earth, to listen to you recount your experiances and what you had to go through, hope to meet you at SGL9.

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Today is my 1st proper day out of sick bed following SGL.

Turned out I had a sinus infection and then I poisoned myself with the wrong medicine from the pharmacy, Im celiac and the stuff they gave me was not suitable for celiacs. so I didnt eat and went severely downhill. Taken a week to recover.

So sorry I didnt get the chance to mingle but I dont think my spreading my germs around would have been appreciated.

Thanks to all mods and admin who put this together, just wish I could have enjoyed it a bit more.

Oh and Daz, I hope you didnt catch your cold from my germ infested pitch next to yours.


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I'm so sorry you've been so ill, Phij. Coeliacs is a horrible disease. You certainly have to watch those "medicines". I've nearly come to grief being prescribed one drug that would have reacted nastily with another!

I hope you're up and about properly now.


Edited by Astrosurf
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Looks like you guys n gals had great fun despite the weather doing her worst. Some fair images returned and interesting scopes.

In the end it looks well that I wasnt eally able to make it, one night in the rain wouldnt have made for a great memory although I intend doing my utmost to make SGL9. I just hope it isnt in April as that is when I get married, sigh always something, :grin:

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