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I went to SGL8 and all I got was this lousy 9 minutes of M101 ...


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It's not a good result at all, but it's "something" :D Pushed it way too far to bring some further detail out

Click through for details / TIF

3x180s L on the GT81/H9

Joint credit with Velvet as she did all the scrabbling about in the mud whilst I sat in a nice warm tent swearing at the computer :D


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Just another quick stretch, and you've not got a bad amount of data for 9 minutes :) Obviously stretched too far - but still good!

The star forming areas in the arms have come out quite well. If you had taken a sub in Ha they would be a lovely red colour :)



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The title was very much tongue in cheek, I'm only about 30% on the astro when at star parties ..... the rest ....

Well I think daz and Mrs daz and probably half the site can attest to the singing qualities of the tent on pitch 1 .... :D

Was good to catch up with those I managed to find too :)

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Singing qualities!!!!!

While the tent was on pitch... the same couldn't be said about it's occupants ;):)


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Has to ne QOW (quote of the week) although I wasn't there. If you'd like to move up the singing ranks then just invite me because I am, no messing, bottom dog when music sounds out. No but really, I do mean bottom. As in... never mind.


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