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Somerset stargazing in the Blackmoor vale area

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Hello everyone,

Iv'e just started an astronomical society/group for my neck of the woods & was wandering if any members here are from the Somerset/Dorset/Wiltshire border area and would like to get involved?

Am in talks with the local racecourse with regard to building an observatory on their land albeit for a fee

have also emailed the local young farmers club to see if any local landowners would be willing to donate some land for the project.

Iv'e been looking into funding for the cost of building or buying an observatory to host events based around the astronomical calender

& am sure that the local schools and youth groups would definitely get involved if we have a full time site to observe from

if anyone can offer any advice I'd be most grateful.

our group at the moment is only small comprised of 9 members and a few telescopes but i'm sure that the numbers will grow over time.

If the cost of land rent is too dear I'll do my best to raise the funds privately if no funding can be obtained.

our area would benefit from such a project as the nearest astronomical group is some miles away.

if anyone has any suggestions for funding i'd be grateful of your thoughts

kind regards

Stu :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome lovelies,

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on the projects progress :)

fingers crossed it all goes well,

have only just started the group in the past week and already things are coming along

gives me something positive to do when skies are grey :)

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Sounds like an exciting project I'm too far to help but, try and get your local council on board they might be able to help find a site or suggest community centres you could share. There is also lottery funding you could try applying for?

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Thanks again for more warm welcomes :)

have been a busy bee and on the case for funding,

in my efforts already have been in touch with the local council & the lottery

I got sent a few avenues to explore this morning via email from the council

so have been sending out sincere letters asking for funding advice,

the project in essence should be a winner as there's nothing like this in my specific area

from the feedback iv'e been getting is positive

just hope we can get the funding that's needed to get started

either that or i'll arrange a sponsored event and post it wide across the world wide web

i'll be sure to contact the local radio and press when the time's right,

thanks for all of your input thus far :)

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Hi Stu and welcome to the forum. I wish you well in your endeavour and hope some decent funding can be found as I am sure it will be very popular locally.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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Thank you all for the lovely welcomes and words of encouragement,

i'll be sure to invite everyone to our opening should things progress in the

right direction,the site we've been looking at & have permission to build on has a campsite on its land so should be good for clear weekends :)

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