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Starry video (wip)

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one from last night. 1000 x 5 second raw exposures on a 5D MkII and 24mm f1.4 lens

uploaded from SGL8

as always it's better to watch on youtube full screen

Edited by Photosbykev
video replaced with final version as everyone is looking at this thread :)
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That looks great Kev, and loving the "end of the world effect" finish. I knew you were up to no good behind that bay window of yours!

Glad you had a good night and now a dry morning to pack up.

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Great timelapse. I'll probably be lynched on here for saying this but I love seeing how the dreaded clouds form & disperse.


They do add to the timelapse but not to star gazing :) I think they look like frost forming on a glass window
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