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Just Picked Up a Unitron/Polarex 114, What Should I Do With It?

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I just purchased a Unitron/Polarex 114 w/ an equitoral mount and tripod, thinking it would be a nice cheap scope to work with until I could afford something a bit larger. The guy I bought it from said he thought it was from the 1960's, which if that's the case it's in pretty good shape, probably thanks to the wood cases it came in. It also came with a sun screen and rod, though the mount portion of that assembly seems to have gone missing over the years, but it seems to have all the rest of it's original equipment, even including the lens cap (which has a bunch of tape residue on it).

Once I got it home, and after some of time spent observing Jupiter with it, I did a bit of searching and it seems these old scopes have a bit of a following behind them, and can actually be worth a bit of money to the right person, or at least more than the $75.00 I paid for it. So the question now is what should I do with it, if they are a collectors item should I sell it, and if so are what are they worth? post-29630-0-38341300-1363324424_thumb.jpost-29630-0-59002800-1363324433_thumb.jpost-29630-0-89698200-1363324328_thumb.jpost-29630-0-37993800-1363324330_thumb.jpost-29630-0-07907600-1363324407_thumb.j

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I have an offer for you Greathouse202. Your in B.C., I'm in Alberta, I'll start my offer to you & double what you paid for the telescope when your done with it. At present I have a NexStar 5" SCT, but I would like to add your older scope to my collection. I think it would be a nice addition to have with my 72 Chev 1/2 ton, having the telescope set up beside an old restored truck at a star party, combining the old & new, makes for a great conversation starter. Besides, I like the looks of it, & luv the look of the wooden cases. I found some advertising material for this scope, i'll reprint it here;


Here is a link with a lot more info about your scope; http://www.company7.com/library/unitron/unitron_114.html As mentioned, If/when you decide to sell the scope, drop me a pm & we can discuss a price, but I'll start my offer by doubling your price of $75. Until then, enjoy the views & the added info. Might I suggest you print out the info from the link provided, then who ever you sell it to in the future, they will have the technical specs for their scope as well as it's history.

Clear Skies


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Hard to say what its value would be on that side of the pond. UK ones in bood condition and original, and yours does look good, wpuld fetch maybe £180 for the scope.

I have a pair of them. One of them is completely original and was never opened feom the day it wa new. Has its original intrsuctions, and the scope still had its greaseproof paper wrapping on it. They are very collectible.....on your sude of the pond gake a look on Cloudy Nights for sale board.

You got a bargain on price but these things are pretty hideous to use. They were hot in their day but ten so was the Morris Minor, not many people would choose go drive a Mortis Minor today with its top speed of 70mph :) its the same with the scope.

Personally I would keep it but I love old stuff in wooden boxes and its.v Alue can only go up over time.

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Greathouse202 you have bought a classic refractor and I would suggest that for time being you observe through it and appreciate the quality. Because you and Papas Doc have less than 50 posts you cannot use the forum for a possible sale - this is against the code of SGL and if the thread continued in this selling vain I would close the thread.

If you resided in the UK I would suggest the Astronomy Buy and Sell website but this may not be appropraite living in Canada. So enjoy this excellent scope for the time being and then make a decision to sell or otherwise - personally I would keep it.

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