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Greetings from Victoria


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Hello Everyone,

As is probably apparent to all I am new to this forum and just thought I would officially say hello and briefly introduce myself and write a few words about my burgeoning interest in astronomy.

I'm currently a university student studying pscyhology and nueroscience, in fact I will finally be graduating with my B.S. in psych about 7 weeks from now (not that I'm counting). I have an interest in all things scientific, though I have only recenelty discover my love for astronomy, though I have taken many physics classes during the course of my education, I just never realized how interesting the sky could be.

Hopefully over the coming weeks and months I will learn more about astronomy and maybe even become a good astronomer in my own right, and I'm looking forward to learning from all of you out there that have been doing this for years already.

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A warm welcome to the SGL a B.S.in psychology and neuroscience congratulation

Hope you put it to good use I'm sure you will

when you decide to get a scope please ask as there are so many pit fulls

clear skies

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