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May the games beginn:) Hi from Germany

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Hi Double Kick Drum:) Thanks! Yes that's another reason I bought it, I expected my first scope to be able not only for the Messier catalogue but also for Herschel 400 and maybe even some parts of Abel

Hi Pete:) Thanks for the welcome! Today my scope arrived:):) I assembled it and it looks beautiful! Tomorrow more now I'm really tired from my 24h duty^^ Happy and excited greetings Matze

Hi Matze and welcome to SGL, with your new scope and living on top of a hill, you should be in a good position to get a look at our new visitor Comet C/2011L4 Panstarrs, enjoy :)


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Hi Matze, if you download Stellarium, it's free, you can download through the programe a number of comets. It will give you a rough idea of where it is in the sky, know you can't do a goto but it might help :)


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Just downloaded the program, really cool!

But didn't find the download option for comets so far.

Thanks for the suggestion Jim:)

CS and best wishes


Okay, I have opened mine so can guide you through it.

F2 brings the Main Configuration window up > Plugins > Solar System Editor > Configure > Import Orbital Elements > Select Type > Select Source.

Once you have download, use the Configuration to setup how you wish to see Stellarium on screen, hope that is of some help.


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