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New starter in Lancashire

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Hi I'm Phil from Preston. I've always been interested in the stars. More into the Sci-Fi side of things in the past but have always regularly watched The Sky At Night & been outside irregularly wi

Hi Phil, kudos on the blind, brave jump. I think you'll be impressed with a Tal 150

Hi Phil & welcome to SGL

Thanks for all the welcome posts.!!!

Well I've picked it up. It's the later model TAL 150P with the 2" finder scope but is also fitted with a red dot finder. Two Plossi eyepieces plus a 2x Barlow. Cheshire collimator. Manual & all the original boxes & packaging. It's in superb condition no scratches or dents. Well looked after.

The most surprising thing. Much smaller than I expected & once you remove the balance weights the scope & EQ mount is not so heavy at all. The pillar stand is very light in comparison but really sturdy compared to tripod types.

Think I've made the right choice at the right price & have everything I need for a good start in serious stargazing.

The only downer is the torrential rain outside & poor forecast for the next week !!!!! Really want to see that comet now...

Especially interested in getting out with my equipment & meeting those of you who are local (Chorley & Euxton). Actually I'm only 3miles away in Leyland :-)

Phil 7/3/13

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Thanks Ryan,

it wasn't totally blind. I have been looking seriously since Christmas. Didn't fancy a Dobsonian & those Cassegrain types were well beyond my reach so i'd resigned myself to the fact I couldn't stretch beyond a well-known 130mm Newtonian when the TAL 150P literally sprang out at me in local classifieds.

Believe me I did a lot of research & obtained much advice for over a week before taking the plunge. I somehow "felt" it was the one to start with.... Can you understand that? I know it can be hard work to set up but if I can handle that I can deal with any subsequent device methinks. I have a steep learning curve but I like challenges.

I don't think I'll part with it though. It's like buying your first car :-)

Phil 10/3/13

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Hi all. Thanks for all your welcomings (if that's the right word).

Starman I worked in Blackpool for 13 years & travel there occasionally even now.

Stu I lived on Peacock Hall Road until 1990 - I've lived at the other end of town ever since (Farington).

Getting really [removed word] at the weather. Not had a chance to do my first ever viewing yet....!

phil 11/3/13

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Hey there i was thinking this TAL must be a decade old (after reading about the history of TAL & hitting various websites).

But tonight I did something I should have done when I bought it - read the manual...doh.

Guess what? Manufactured at NPZ Optics State Corp (Novosibirsk Instrument-making plant) March 2010 & according to the boxes despatched by OVL (Optical Vision Ltd) 8/3/2012. Nearly new!!!

it even has a handwritten serial number signed off at the manufacturing plant - 0062 (could that be the 62nd TAL 150p made in 2010?).

Now I'm certain I made the right choice at a decent price. Lots of smiles here ....

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