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How to find objects in the sky?

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Sounds rather stupid (and it is!), but I'm struggling getting stars in my finder scope. For what ever reason, I look at the night sky and I cannot seem to get what I want in the finder scope and I end up wondering around in a rough area, hoping for the best.

For example, tonight I was hoping to get various M-objects and I found Alkaid in Ursa Major with the naked eye, but I just could find it in my finder scope...so I gave up on M51 and M101 :mad:

I've had some luck in the past, but it is rather spontaneous. Are there any tips, or am I doing something wrong?



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With my 200mm dob i find the finderscope useless and only use it to locate the moon and jupiter

at the moment when useing higher magnifications.

I prefer to use a low mag eyepiece to find things, and as daft as it sounds, looking over the finderscope as a guide, pointing the scope in the place

where i expect the object to be, then sweeping the area through the eyepiece.

From what i have read on SGL, the telrad seems very popular. I am considering this myself.

I sometimes envy those people with goto systems.


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Chuck the finder scope , any red dot finder is better to start off with. Even better is a Telrad, as the download charts will easily help you find deep sky objects,


+1 for a Telrad. Simple, effective - a design classic.

Typed by me on my fone, using fumms... Excuse eny speling errurs.

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