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Built up the Nexstar 4SE for the first time last night. Did not get chance to fully use the goto as I did not get the finder set accurately (fundamental mistake, tried to align scope and finder on a star but the little [removed word] kept moving!!!). Still, gave me a chance to practice focussing and slewing manually.

I was veiwing stars I could not see with the naked eye and the site of jupiter including some banding was the nights highlight.

All the above was viewed with the stock 25mm plossl but next time I will also try the 12mm I have.

Really enjoyed my short spell gazing and next time will be better prepared and maybe I'll venture outside the garden.



PS: must thank the wife for the flask of coffee she made me.

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I don't think you can beat your first good view of Saturn. It's one of those things that are there, but that the majority of the population don't think about. How can you not think about Saturn once you know it can be seen through a telescope?

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