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CGT5 packed up on second use...

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As someone once said "I dont blumming believe it"

I bought the mount at christmas and have only used it once, Rubbish weather. Clearish skies last night so i set and after about an hour the RA motor stopped working.

I phoned RVO this morning and they asked me to send them an email about the problem.

I will keep you informed about my progress.

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The mount will stop shortly after it moves from having the OTA on the West side of the meridian looking East to when it move to looking West. The HC buttons can be used to move it East and it will be OK but once it get just past looking South the looking slightly West of South the drive stops. this is to protect the mount or OTA from running into a hard stop.

This is not a bug, it's a feature and a valuable one.

Not sure this is what you have but it happens and can be very confusing if you don't expect it.


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yes Its happened to me a couple of times while imaging Orion. When the mount moves from east to west while looking in a southerly direction, the motors touch against each other and stop the tracking. It really confused me until I realised what was going on.

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No, you simply have to flip the OTA over so that the OTA is on the other side, re-align the camera and guider if you are imaging and carry on.

I might have made that sound too simple.

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