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Anyone know about Astronomica's 152mm Maksutov

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The "Intez" Micro Alter M615 reviewed in this month's "Sky at Night" mag, was given (97%) in the quality of the optics, and they had to admit the scope was a "premium telescope - at a premium price." You definately cannot obtain the best quality optics cheaply.

If I had the money and was going for one of these scopes, I would choose the "Intez."



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I see the Alter 615 is f15 and has moving primary mirror focusing, whereas the MK67 was f12 and had a fitted Crayford focuser. I'd be happy with either! I see Bray Imaging still list the MK67 as available - at £999!

I must check out this month's S@N magazine...

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AFAIK, Intes (not Intes Micro) went out of business quite a while back so Bray's website is a touch out of date :shock:. IM also do the 603 which is a f10 model as seen here: http://telescopeshop.co.uk/index1.html . I was incredibly lucky to come across an Intes MK66 (optically identical to the MK67 but with moving mirror focusing instead of a crayford) second hand and it's a glorious piece of kit :D.


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Thanks Whippy - that's a great site you linked to. I hadn't heard of them. I'm guessing then that the newer Alter models are similar to, but slightly different from, their older MK versions, but all have the same excellent optics.

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