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My lunar images Down Under

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I also like the one with the tree. It is one of my ambitions to find a site where I can take a photo of say Andromeda, but from below and at a good distance from a building or tree which would be included in the image, so the galaxy would look even bigger and closer....Perhaps from a valley looking up towards a village on a mountain?


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Very nice but................ it's upside down! :rolleyes:

That really does look quite odd when you're so used to seeing it the other way up. Most strange :)

Very nice images though.


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Upside down we are. Even the birds and fish fly and swim upside down...... :BangHead: LOL...

Aside,the Moon/tree was a single shot. I used a 6" F5 scope and shot from a distance of about 800 meters.

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