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This is L, Ha/R, G, B. (30min Ha, 10min each R,G,B, 30min L)

You are probably thinking it is not framed very well but the big idea was to do M81 and then a shot in between to add them all together. Only problem is the weather and getting side tracked with taking pics of Saturn has meant this is as far as it has got since 2nd Feb. Thought I'd post up as a work in progress as I need more data on this let alone M81 and the gap !!!

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Freddie, what a great capture! I wouldn't worry too much about the framing, you've got the colours, detail and sharpness of the Cigar spot on.

Be very interested to see the finished article!

Cool ;)

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What can i say Freddie 1st your getting some lovely planetary shots now onto dso's :-), i think most pictures should be 2 3rd's framing rather than spot in the middle, gives a bit more to look at & you could have caught a fuzzy in there as well.

Great colours & detail, the 9.25 + Atik get you this ? Focal Reducer ?, if so.............is it the 6.3 ? i have this one but i am thinking of getting the 0.33 as well but still not sure.

Any more data on your M109 yet ?

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Thanks for the comments guys. The framing should look a bit more sensible when I can add M81 to it.

Ewan, this was with the MN190, I only ever use the 925 for planetary.

I wouldn't go near a 0.33 reducer if I were you as these were only really designed for small chips so you will have problems on the edges of your DSLR chip.

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