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SGL 8 - I can help with .....

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Is Collimation a cinch ?

Planetariums no problem ??

Processing you can do in your sleep ???

This is the place to start letting people know what your areas of expertise are!

There will be SOMEONE who needs your help!

If you are able to offer assistance to someone, please let us know here and we can put you in touch with someone in desperate need of your skills!

You need to leave:

1. Name

2. Area of expertise

3. Pitch

4. When you might be available over the weekend

Please, no chat or banter!

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1. Rik

2. DSO sketching / drift alignment using PHD / basic DSO imaging & image processing (though are loads of people much better than me to ask as well :))

3. Pitch 8 (or the cafe ;))

4. Wed evening to Sun morning

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Adding numbers because Simon and Steve 's well ordered posts made mine look a bit slap-dash!
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1. Simon (Spikey)

2. General Imaging & astro-photography setups including setting up HEQ5 & NEQ6 mounts, Cartes du Ciel,EQMOD,ASCOM,Maxim,Guiding with PHD & Maxim,APT, Focussing, Polar alignment for imaging, balancing, basic image manipulation & processing.

3. Pitch 103

4. Friday & Saturday.

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1. Steve - Steppenwolf

2. Area of expertise: - Astro-photography - MaxIm DL (pre v 5.0 ideally), EQMod, image processing with MaximDL and PhotoShop, Cartes du Ciel planetarium software and Electronic fault-finding. I am also an expert at talking and writing garbage.

3. Pitch 105

4. Late afternoon Thursday, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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1 Kev Lewis (Photosbykev)

2 Real DSLR photography :) solar imaging, software, arduino, astro imaging, EQMod etc. Shout if you need hands for putting up tents

3 Pitch 47 (I'm normally found with my head under a black cloth)

4 Monday to Monday, just drop in, I'll have the kettle on and jaffas available :)

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1 Nick Kitchener (NickK)

2 I'll have the full (10GB) index set for Astro-Tortilla, I can help beginners setup EQ6s, ASCOM/EQMOD basics, refractors etc.. (sorry I've never used a reflector in my life!). Ok at PCs and Expert at Mac (developer). Also will be bringing a battery charger and soldering iron etc (if you need to borrow).

3 Area 51 (pitch 51).

4 Monday to Monday for the 3rd SGL :)

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1 Nick Kitchener (NickK)

2 I'll have the full (10GB) index set for Astro-Tortilla, ...

I'm struggling a bit with getting my head around using Astrotortilla, so If you were running any sessions of using Astrotortilla I would be interested.

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1.Mark Stuart

2.Weather forecasts as this is my No1 passion even before astronomy!

3. Next to a 90mm Meade on a tripod..

4. Thursday to Sunday.

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Anyone having problems with refractor collimation or want tips on getting the best from your refractor just give me a shout, happy to help.

Im on Kingfisher 25. You cant miss my pitch it has my big and brass 4" F15 on it, thursday to monday

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1. Kev W

2. Nothing astro related (unless you want a summary of all the iPad astro apps I've tried I suppose)

But, I will have at least one spare tent with me. If anyone has a disaster let me know :D

3. Hare 69. (no sniggering at the back)

4. Thu to Sun

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