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Stellarium (OPS 8180 Radcat)

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What's up with the orbit data in Stellarium? There is a satellite named OPS 8180 (RADCAT) and it's moving round the Earth like the clappers lol. A revolution in well under a minute. I only noticed this when I selected 'Satellite Hints' to see what satellites and spent objects were above my horizon and the OPS one came hurtling down through the sky, below the horizon and round again.

I've Googled this and it's known this is happening. I deleted the satellites.json file and let Stellarium generate another one but it hasn't solved it.

Just wondering if anybody else has noticed this and wether there is a fix for this.

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Cant help u there but the other night I was having a good look at the GRS on Jupiter & when the clouds rolled in i had a look on Stellerium & it wasnt showing it as visible when it most definatley was?!! (On Stell. it was nearly 3hrs out and showing to be on the other side.I double checked that my location WAS set to where I was viewing from so that wasnt the problem.


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There was a discussion somewhere on the forum about a weird satellite and this name popped up. The orbit it does is absolutely incredible and suggests it may be out of control or just not there at all. I say this as I googled the name of this and it came up saying it was launched in the 1980's I believe and was reentering the atmosphere in 2011 or 2012. Maybe some more research might find something out :)

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